Novatron releases semi-automation solution for excavator manufacturers

March 29, 2019

Novatron has developed an automation system for excavators, which improves productivity and occupational safety. Features such as safety limits can be set in an excavator equipped with the system in order to avoid collisions and other damage. Optimization of the cabin, boom and bucket trajectories reduces overall costs associated with excavator use and the site itself.

In the earthmoving sector, digitalization has been slower than elsewhere. But now the advantages of modern technology have at last been recognized by firms that make and use earthmoving machinery. The automation system developed by Novatron enables machine manufacturers to provide customers with machines that work more productively, efficiently and safely.

”Our automation solution is a world-beater in terms of its features. Thanks to our company’s programing and component expertise, it has unrivalled overall precision and capabilities,” says Petri Moisio, Director of R&D at Novatron.

In addition to occupational safety, automation increases an excavator’s efficiency by up to 50% by eliminating unnecessary and dangerous movements and helping with challenging maneuvres. Investment in an excavator equipped with the system provides both the contractor and customer with potential cost savings. Automation also goes some way to relieving the shortage of operators, which is a globally recognized challenge in the sector.

“If an untrained operator uses expensive, large machines in the wrong way, this slows down work, shortens the machines’ life cycles and increases fuel costs. In short, this makes excavators more expensive to use,” says Sales Director Harri Salonen.

In addition to movement limitation to increase safety, the system can be used to standardize boom and bucket operation during work such as surface levelling. The automation solution is based on sensor technology of which Novatron, a Finnish family firm, has three decades of experience. Novatron’s system can also be integrated with machine control systems for guiding work; for example, the bucket can be set to follow a modelled surface, thereby minimising the risk of over-digging.

Semi-Automation system will be presented in BAUMA 2019 at MOBA AG’s booth: GATE A2-A3, No. 10


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