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G2 inclination sensor

Six degrees of freedom with minimal latency

Small in size, yet full on high technology and performance. Our new generation of 3D orientation sensors give you a precise measuring information in almost real time.

The G2 sensors are factory calibrated and can be calibrated on field to any imaginable mounting orientation. Robust cast aluminium housing with potted electronics make sure that the G2 sensor will endure even in the roughest conditions without losing its accuracy!

G2 sensors are a perfect fit for mobile machinery working in rough conditions, e.g. machine control systems for excavators, loaders or dozers.

G2 sensor specifications


  • Factory calibrated
  • IP 69K
  • Input voltage range 9-36V DC
  • Vibration: ISO16750-3 (IX, VII)


  • 2x CAN bus connectors
  • Standard CiA-303-1 pinout
  • CANOpen + PDO’s
  • 125kbit – 1Mbit / s

Data output

  • Accelaration
  • Rate of turn
  • Orientation
  • Angles
  • Quaternions

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EL3 – Laser receiver

The laser receiver allows you to move the machine on the site while keeping the original elevation. A laser set to a known site elevation can also be used as a reference level.

Our 3rd generation laser receiver EL3 has a clear and durable, easy to use design. The new quick fix system makes removing and reattaching of the receiver fast and easy. The LED status indicator and a wide receiving area offers ease-of-use for the operator.

Durable, rugged design of the EL3 is protected with an elastomer material to decrease vibration. The device has an IP69K classification to keep everything safe from water and dust.

EL3 Specifications


  • Input voltage range 9-36V DC
  • IP 69K
  • Fire resistance V-1
  • Chemical resistance ISO 16750-5
  • Status LED


  • 2x CAN bus connectors
  • 125kbit – 1Mbit / s


  • 150° Receiving angle
  • 150mm Receiving area
  • 5mm precision (1mm resolution)
  • 2-300m measuring range*

*from rotating laser

EL3 is compatible with all rotating lasers with visible or infra-red light: wavelength 600-800nm, rotating speed 120-1200 revolutions per minute.

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