Automation system with RTEC™ technology

Fast-track OEM solution for updating existing machine design with automation features

In the earthmoving sector, digitalization has been slower than elsewhere. But now the automation system developed by Novatron enables machine manufacturers to provide customers with machines that work more productively, efficiently and safely. With groundbreaking features, Novatron’s automation technology can be installed to any existing machine design, updating your excavators to meet the requirements of the future, today.

Features -Tailored for your needs

Different features and functions of our comprehensive automation solution are fully customizable according to your needs. Below are some example of the basic features.

Assisting features:

» Controlling boom movement and speed (e.g. for grading work or loading)
» Movement boundaries (e.g. for setting safety limits)

Asset protection features

» Preventing the machine to flip because of overload
» Preventing the bucket or boom hitting the cabin or the tracks

Benefits -Productivity and performance

Improved safety

• Working inside a buildings, under overpasses etc. becomes more safe
• Less fatique for the operator
• Lower learning curve for machine handling for new operators

Even 50% faster results than manual operations

• Lower fuel consumption
• Lower labor costs
• Reduce of machine hours
• Prevents overcutting
• Machine maintenance and site repair work reduced

Open protocol for machine control systems

Novatron’s products are known for being open and compatible with 3rd party integrations. Our automation solution is not an exception. Thanks to open protocol of the RTEC™-unit, it is possible to integrate any machine control/guidance system to the automation system.

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