New display technology for Xsite® machine control

May 6, 2019

The display unit for the hugely popular Xsite® PRO machine control system has undergone major changes inside and outside the casing. The slimmer design improves visibility from machine cabin, while its high-resolution, anti-glare touchscreen reduces eye strain for operators and increases their comfort.

In addition, the new display unit technology enables pinch zoom functionality on map views. Natural and familiar manoeuvres make the application even easier to use. The upgraded display unit is much slimmer than its predecessor and its colour has been changed from yellow to a subdued granite shade of grey. The new display unit was developed on the basis of customer feedback.

System deliveries containing the new display units will begin in May 2019. The new display can also be retrofitted into existing systems. Contact your local Xsite® dealer for further details.

The new display unit includes a brighter, anti-glare touchscreen panel, which eases work, reduces eye strain and takes user comfort to a new level. Slimmer design of the display also improves visibility from machine cabin.



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