Remote support statistics tell no lie

February 9, 2016

Remote Support Works!

Statistics show that remote connection between office and machine is truly a helpful tool when solving technical issues. According to statistics from 2015, Novatron solved 90 % of support cases remotely, without the need of sending a service engineer to the jobsite. Whether the issues are related to the system software, GNSS positioning, or 3D design models, they must be solved quickly to avoid downtime at the jobsite.
The statistics include support cases from Finnish customers using Xsite 3D machine control systems. Data was collected during the whole year. When digging deeper into the statistics, we can see that 83 % of the cases were solved within one hour, 5 % of the cases were solved between one and two hours, and 2 % of the cases required more than two hours, but were solved remotely. A service engineer had to visit the jobsite in only 10 % of support cases.
Remote support statistics 2015


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