Novatron’s new G2 sensors for machine control – Incredible speed and accuracy in a small shell

June 12, 2018

Novatron has launched next-generation G2 sensors that offer users incredible performance. The G2 sensors include the latest sensor fusion technology which enables them to perform more than 17 times better than their predecessors.

Incredible speed without sacrificing accuracy!

The next-generation G2 sensors increase your productivity remarkably. Due to their advanced technology and the fusion of gyroscope and sensor technology (IMU) the G2 sensors offer extremely accurate measurement results over 17 times faster than before. For the machine operator, this means more efficient work and ease of use. Novatron’s new G2 sensors give you undeniable benefits in all machine control work.

Tough – Tougher – G2

Novatron’s G2 series sensors have been designed to endure even the most challenging circumstances. The strong aluminium structure and cast-in electronics make the G2 sensor extremely durable and reliable. The sensor has been designed to function even in extreme conditions, so it maintains its excellent accuracy despite changes in temperature. The strong and sealed structure enables for the same G2 sensors to be used even underwater, for example in dredging.

The technology in the new G2 sensors enables for the same sensor type to be used in all parts of the machine. The durable and waterproof structure of the G2 sensor also allows for underwater digging without risk of damage.


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