Novatron is a co-owner of 3D-system Oy

November 2, 2018

Novatron Oy has acquired 49% of the share capital of 3D-system Oy. This arrangement ensures the continuity of 3D-Win software development and a good service level for all present and future customers.

The founders and main owners of 3D-system Oy, Jarmo Muukkonen and Markku Saloranta, continue to lead the company. As the current staff continues to carry out their duties, the company also recruits new employees to strengthen sales, customer service and product development.

“With the acquisition, Novatron expands its operations to new areas. 3D-Win software plays an important role in Finnish infrastructure construction, being part owners we add additional resources to the 3D-System for software development, sales and customer service, “says Novatron’s CEO Jukka Tervahauta.

“3D-system Oy had 25 years anniversary in June 2018 and it was time to think more closely about the future of the software. Over the years, our 3D-Win software has gained a significant role both in construction and surveying companies and in public administration. We see that this was the best solution for all users to ensure future software development and support in the future. For many years we have been working closely together with Novatron within modeling, product development and, more recently, customer training. With Novatron we will get new innovations, ideas and more opportunities for recruitment and expansion, “says Jarmo Muukkonen.


3D-system Oy is a Finnish software company in the field of surveying, specialized in the design and production of software for measurement, geospatial, mapping and design. The 3D-System currently has 4 employees and office situated in the capital region.

Novatron Oy is a Finnish technology company that designs, manufactures and supplies machine control systems, equipment and software for the needs of digital infrastructure construction. Novatron employs about 100 people and has its head office in Pirkkala.


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