InfraBIM Open 2020

October 24, 2019

As a founding partner of this great event we want to welcome you to the first and most unique open BIM event in the world. We gather together the best subjects, most visionary people and the industry leaders.

This event is for all actors of infrastructure life cycle. You do not have to be a BIM enthusiastic to enjoy the event. We want open BIM to be for all. We also share lessons learned not only the success strories.

In two days you get the best topics, meet the most interesting people and feel the great innovations. If you choose one event to attend in 2020, choose this one and you come back home with many new innovations. InfraBIM open 2020 is bigger, better and more unique than ever before.

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Petteri Palviainen

Petteri Palviainen

Ecosystem Director, Software Products


+358 40 582 4066

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