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Information model-based operations and digital technology have a major impact on the operating methods and processes of the building industry. The purpose of our education services is to improve the customer’s information management, level of information modelling skills and application capabilities. In other words, to put the benefits enabled by technology and processes into practice by finding perspectives and experiences that our customers can utilize in their own work.

We always offer training packages tailored to the customer’s needs. Our trainers have years of experience on model-based building sites and our education services are based on solid expertise acquired in practical implementations. Moreover, we are strongly involved in the development and deployment of information modelling skills and information management in the built environment, allowing us to use the most up-to-date information in our training despite the rapid advancement of digitalization in the field of infrastructure.

*Education services are offered only in selected countries.

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Harri Salonen

Harri Salonen

Sales Director, International Sales

+358 50 317 3961

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