Why Novatron?

Open and Compatible

Xsite® machine control systems are designed to be open and compatible, both in terms of components and software. This is why we are able to use the industry’s best positioning equipment, third party site management systems and different file formats without additional conversions or compatibility issues.

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Easy to upgrade

2D configuration of the Xsite® PRO is easily and quickly upgradeable to a full 3D system. When the time comes to upgrade to a 3D system you only need to add GNSS receivers and a 3D software. There is no need for changing the display or any other components!

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remote support

Our praised Xsite® CONNECT remote support service saves time and money as it minimises downtime at the construction site. The remote connection makes it possible to solve most issues instantly, and there is no need to wait help to arrive on site. Xsite® CONNECT is available for the Xsite® PRO systems. (Service requires a SIM-card).

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Novatron Oy

Novatron develops, manufactures and supplies machine control systems for earthmoving machines. Novatron's main products are Xsite® excavator control systems and related software solutions and services.

Head office

Jasperintie 312
33960 Pirkkala
p. +358 3 357 2600


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